The host of the educational series “Informed”, Rob Lowe, will be presenting to viewers the newest segment on Collegiate Programs.

The media, as well as politicians, have made the United States college education system a main focus in recent years. The United States still boasts a majority of the world’s finest institutes for higher education. However, the U.S. also boasts some of the highest costs for this education in the world. It is no secret to anyone that the cost of attending a university or college has far outpaced the rate of inflation. Because of this, many young adults just starting their lives are weighed down with mountains of student loan debt in an effort to afford the costly education. Given the extreme cost of furthering one’s education along with the intense competition, many students are beginning to question whether a college education is even worth it. This fact has created a gaping hole in sectors of the economy such as teaching and medicine. The gap between the cost of higher education and the payoff after graduation has led many young adults to forgo the collegiate experience altogether.

These issues facing college students in the 21st century and many more will be discussed in this latest series for Public Television PBS Member station, “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe.