Kiteboarding is the subject of the latest segment to come from the “Informed” series, hosted by Rob Lowe. 

Kiteboarding is quickly becoming one of the most popular extreme water sports. This extreme sport has become a global sensation, with its earliest forms dating back to the 1800s when kites were used to increase the speed of propulsion on both land and sea carts. The sport requires the participant to be strapped to a wakeboard and use a large kit above to steer on top of the water. This activity is best performed in areas of the world with consistent wind patterns so as to guarantee ideal conditions. Technological breakthroughs in fabric design and materials has allowed for participants to break speed and jump height records with ease. Given the nature of the sport, experts in the field strongly encourage those who are looking to break into kiteboarding to seek the proper training from a certified teacher. Training can consist of five or more 1-4 hour sessions learning everything from the proper gear needed to the proper way to handle the kite.

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