The devastating practice of Overfishing and its many negative effects will be examined by Rob Lowe in the latest series to come from “Informed”.

The newest episode of the “Informed” series will educate viewers on the devastation that can be caused by Overfishing. Rob Lowe uses his fame and influence to captivate the audience and enlighten them on a vital subject.

Perhaps the most obvious effect of Overfishing is that without regulation the supply of fish for an ever-growing human population will cease to exist. The consequences of unregulated fishing practices extend far beyond the extinction of fish species. Countless studies by experts in the field have proven that overfishing disrupts the food chain as well as destroys marine ecosystems. As the number of fish and varying fish species in the world’s oceans and lakes declines, fisheries will be close their doors and people will need to find other means of maintaining their livelihoods. Large companies often times have fisheries in the deep seas that stay in place for months on end. This practice increases the amount of pollution in our oceans.

After being recorded with the best equipment in the industry and award-winning producers the latest episode to come from “Informed” is distributed to PBS Member stations.

“INFORMED” with Rob Lowe will highlight Migraine symptoms and relief

Doctors and physicians have been researching migraines for years and have yet to find a cure for a disease that affects millions of people, migraines.  In an upcoming educational segment for Public Television, hosted by Rob Lowe, Informed will shed light on the issues surrounding migraines and will give insight to sufferers on how they cope with their disease.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are the third most prevalent illness in the world.  Not only do they have a negative impact on the migraine sufferer, they impact family, friends, and coworkers.  People who suffer from migraines tend to back out of social events, family gatherings, and their children’s’ activities which severely affects their quality of life.  Migraine sufferers tend to miss more work due to the debilitating disease, leaving coworkers to take on additional tasks.

Hosted by Rob Lowe, Informed will highlight the toll this disease takes on people, their workplaces, and the healthcare industry as a whole. The Informed team will interview doctors to review symptoms, preventive methods, and relief for those suffering from the disease.

Informed will be distributed to many Public Television PBS Member stations throughout the world.

A new “Informed” episode, hosted by Rob Lowe, will discuss Online Ticketing for Events

The award-winning educational TV series, “Informed” has teamed up with the sought-after, and well-respected actor, Rob Lowe to produce high-quality programming focused on current news and concerns facing Americans today. In this episode, Rob Lowe will address one of the many ways that our culture continues to go “digital” with the topic of online ticketing for events.

Online ticketing for concerts, sports, and other events is a convenient and fast way to book your favorite activities, but is it safe? As digital ticketing continues to rise, so do the number of savvy hackers, computer bots, and crooked brokers. What are some ways that you enjoy the convenience of online ticketing, yet protect your information from those looking to steal it? This episode of “Informed” will address these and other issues surround online ticketing.

Informed” with Rob Lowe is part of a public television series carefully proofed and ensured to meet the highest quality standards prior to its release to the national network for broadcast. This show produces superior quality programming and has received numerous awards. It can be seen throughout the country on many different local PBS Member Stations.

Broccoli Farming in Africa

Do you ever take a bite of a delicious and healthy stalk of broccoli and ponder its origins?  The newest segment of “Informed” will feature broccoli farming in Africa and how farmers are evolving their practices to be more sustaining, knowledgeable, and practical. Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, hosts the segment and it is scheduled to be broadcast to PBS member stations across America this Summer.

London’s Immersive Food Experience

Travel with us to London this week as we discuss the latest trends in immersive food experiences on “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe. The segment demonstrates the art of dining and how these evenings reinvigorate relationships and open up the floor for conversation and fun. The segment will be distributed to Public Television stations nationwide in America, stay tuned.

Unique Gift Options for Family are highlighted on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

The public television series “Informed” teams up with the esteemed actor, Rob Lowe to bring the public a unique opportunity to celebrate the family. In today’s world, the family is not celebrated enough, and yet, it is one of the most important foundational systems in our society. One way to highlight your family or your favorite family is by giving a unique gift.

There are many ways to approach finding a unique gift for the family you adore. One way is with personalized items, such as a monogrammed doormat to announce who the family is at the door. Family picture frames with the family member’s names around the edges, personalized mugs or T-shirts with names and favorite photos, or personalized treat bowls.

Another option is to give gifts that help the family create fun memories. There are gift packs with themes, such as game night that includes board games, a popcorn maker, popcorn bowls, a chip and dip set, and fun appetizer plates. Other fun themes are ice cream social complete with soda fountain glasses, ice cream dishes, ice cream maker, a scoop, and a retro straw dispenser, a pizza party complete with individual pizza pans and outdoor pizza oven.

Rob Lowe brings his life experience and notoriety to the “Informed” series to help educate and inspire the public on topics that impact people’s lives. Join us for this celebration of the family with unique fun gift options.

Rob Lowe hosts an upcoming “Informed” segment on Diabetes Prevention and Care

Diabetes Prevention and Care – Nothing New Here, Right? Wrong!

On an upcoming “Informed” with Rob Lowe your get the back story to what is behind all of those brand new drug commercials which permeate television and the internet currently. It seems that there is a new drug to treat Diabetes launched everyday. There are stories about new maintenance materials for the dreaded disease as well of scores of ways lessen its effects. In addition to the information that you receive from reputable sources there are the “home remedies” you hear about which tout the quick cure for diabetes or the ones that claim you can toss out your diabetic medication if you just do this.

Learning about diabetes prevention is the first key to maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Many times individuals receive a pre-diabetic diagnosis and do not make the necessary lifestyle changes to avoid acquiring diabetes. As the old saying claims, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Watching this upcoming segment is worthwhile as you will learn new and innovative and tried and true ways to prevent diabetes.

Caring for your or your loved ones diabetic condition requires constant attention. Undoubtedly you will pay special attention to the cutting edge drugs and methods that are currently available to maintain a high quality of life while taking care of diabetes. Tune in to this incredibly important episode of “Informed” with Rob Lowe.